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About the Project

Digital Azerbaijan is a digital information center covering portals that provide digital services in Azerbaijan, information on digital services and their use, information on events in this area, and surveys for civil thought for services.

Thanks to the active integration period of transition from “Reactive services” to “Proactive services”, digital society is formed to allow nil use of paper carriers.

One of the primary goals is to inform citizens about digital services with the participation of institutions and create a more accessible public service system. In addition, the project survey module plays an important role in the study of civil thought. The information obtained from surveys will be used to create new services and enhance existing services. As a result, citizens will be transformed from a position of a passive participant of technology and artificial intelligence into an active individual who collaborates with the government to determine what services are needed and enticed for themselves.

With the participation of a number of state and private organizations, the activity of the portal, "Digital Azerbaijan", is operated by the "E-Gov Development Center" public legal entity subordinate to the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. By creating the digital platform of the country, the Center plays an important role in safeguarding citizens' living standards and access to government services, as well as promoting the services among the population.